Cedar Park view homesWith Seattle housing prices still temporarily down, this is a great time to think about your own Lake Washington view home! 

Seattle Views:

Why?  Because no matter if it is Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall, Lake Washington views are big and small in Cedar Park.

Seattle Waterfront:

Or think about a Seattle waterfront home in the Cedar Park area as prices have never been lower!  Most Cedar Park homeowners would say that it would be hard to leave a view of the lake or mountains for another Seattle neighborhood.  Though Cedar Park feels like it’s miles away from Downtown there is quick assess to downtown, the UW, and the Eastside with or without Good To Go!

Cedar Park Outdoors:

The Burke Gilman trail is now open.   The Public access from the Burke Gilman trail to Lake Washington has been cleaned up and improved.  It’s a great place to launch a kayak or canoe as the days get longer.

Neighborhood Participation:Cedar Park view homes

There is a very active membership in the Cedar Park Block watch with communication through email and residents respond regularly. Speed bumps and a sidewalk from Sand Point Way have been installed in the last few years to slow down cars and make it more pedestrian friendly.

Cedar Park Wildlife:

There’s always the twitter about the various urban animals seen by many of the Cedar Park residents such as quail, pheasants, eagles, deers, boomers (not the baby boomer type though there are quite a few of us in Cedar Park!), a parakeet now and then, sitings of a coyote, and the crows that fly north every single night at twilight.  

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